Progressive Jackpots

In general, any casino slot contains a jackpot which corresponds to a payout for the most valuable combination. However, it is customary to distinguish between classic and jackpot slots – why? The answer is simple – there are slot machines that can pay you an exorbitant amount of money.

progressive jackpot slots

The secret is that such slots take part of the bets for the total prize pool every time someone plays a game in a casino. Thus, the prize pool is constantly increasing and reaches incredible amounts. This growth will continue until some lucky one wins at once – perhaps, you will become this lucky one!

Slot Machine Progressive Jackpot – Essentials

As mentioned above, the progressive jackpot is a large prize pool, which is formed by deductions from players’ bets. Many casinos show the current amount of the main jackpot on the home pages of their websites. Jackpots grow long enough to make one randomly chosen player happy with an incredible amount of winnings in the end.

There are several types of jackpots at Canadian casinos:

  • Autonomous – corresponds to a specific slot, which offers a fixed amount of maximum winnings.
  • In-house. The prize fund is formed by fees from bets in one or several slots within a particular casino.
  • Networked. The prize pool is formed by the slots of a particular provider, regardless of which casino use them.

The last type of progressive jackpot from the list above is the most desired one since the prize pool can exceed $ 10M. However, it attracts a larger number of players, so your chances of winning are much lower.

What You Should to Know About Progressives

As you know, the result of any game round depends on the RNG providing randomness of game events. The same algorithm is used to determine the player who will hit the jackpot. Despite the fact that your chances of winning are extremely low, you can never predict when luck will turn to face you.

Here are some important tips for you:

  • Your chances of winning are very low, so you should prepare for lengthy gaming sessions.
  • The higher the bet, the higher the chances to hit the jackpot – try to bet the maximum possible amount.
  • Do not jump to other slots if you are unlucky for a long time. Many players believe that the best strategy is to play a single slot for the entire gaming session in the casino.
  • Forget about your money you put to bankroll – you paid for the pleasure, and now nothing should spoil your mood (even an unsuccessful game session).

It seems impossible to win the jackpot, but many have already done this!

How to Choose Best Gaming Option Offering Progressive Jackpot

Firstly, you should choose a reliable casino with progressive games that meets all the requirements for honesty and security. Secondly, we recommend that you study the feedback. Thirdly, choose slots that form the prize pool for a long time.

Keep in mind that progressive jackpot slots by NetEnt and Microgaming (Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and others) are the most promising ones since they have already paid tens of millions of dollars.

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