Casino Rewards Comps Points

With the world finances in turmoil at the moment people are looking to get maximum value out of the limited gambling budgets the have to play slot games with and this had led to online casinos in particular having to reduce the casino bottom line by increasing the offers and promotions that they are offering to players to get them to play at their venues.

casino comp points

Well the savvy casino operators are doing just that there are some old school online casino operators who appear to have their heads stuck in the sand and are not giving anything away to players!

With players gambling budgets being squeezed now is the right time to do some serious shopping around to get the maximum value out of your slot play bankroll and as such players are really at a good point in time at the moment in terms of the offers available to them, however you should always keep in mind that not everything that glitters online is gold and there are no shortage of less than reputable casino operators who are offering massive casino comps in an attempt to lure players into playing at their sites and being less than reputable they will put in all manner of obstacles to stop players actually being able to cash out any winnings they manage to achieve.

So choosing which slot sites you play at and carefully checking what comps and bonuses they are offering whilst ensuring you know exactly the terms and conditions each bonus or comp has attached to them is critical if you want a completely hassle free online slot playing experience, this is why we only recommend long established and top rated online casinos and as such all of the slot sites you will find showcased on our site can be played at with complete confidence.

One site that we are only to happy to showcase to you is the Microgaming powered Ruby Fortune Casino who can always be relied on to offer you a fully rounded online gambling experience, and you will find they offer new players some generous sign up bonuses and regular existing loyal players will also get more than their fair share of promotional offers and when it comes to comps they have one of the best online casino loyalty schemes around which always rewards your real money action with plenty of little extras.

There are many different factors to a casinos comp club so to give you a better insight into what these qualities are we have compiled a quick glance guide below which should give you an idea what to look out for when you are searching the web looking for great value for money casino deals and offers, and it will also show you what to avoid so you never end up losing out when you have taken a bonus or comp!

Types of Casino Comps

The first comp you are going to get when ever you have just signed up to a casino you have never played at before is a welcome bonus offer, these can and are presented in many different formats with one of the most popular being a deposit bonus, this will be given to you based on the amount of money you deposit initially into your casino account, deposit bonuses are available in many different ways however the most generous ones are around 100 to 200 percentage, meaning you can often double or triple the playing power of your very first deposit at that particular casino.

Reload bonuses are also offered to players, these are given as a form of thank you by the casino and they cover second and third or even additional deposits you make into the casino after you have made your initial deposit, whilst everyone likes getting something for nothing we should point out that these reload bonuses are often very small in value often around 25% in value of your deposited amount, and they will often have rather large play through requirements attached to them so always checkout what these are as they are often best avoided if the play throughs are high.

Cash back bonuses are another commonly found casino comp, and these on the face of it may seem generous however they are based on the simple fact that you need to lose your deposit to get any cash back from them! So playing to lose is hardly something a slot player is going to do, however when the cash back comp is 100% or higher in value then that often means you can have a risk free gambling session and as such they are often worth checking out more.

Free slot spins are another fairly recent addition to the types of comps given away by online casinos, often you will be offered once you have made a deposit into a casino a set amount of free spins to play on one particular slot machine, however it is vital that you check just how many lines you will be getting for each free spins and what the coin values are, as some shady casinos have been known to offer you 100 free spins on a slot game only for players to find out once they have deposited that this is for 1 payline with coin levels set at 0.01 per spin which is hardly an earth shattering type of free spin bonus!

Often players are best off not taking any for of bonus or free spins offer and stick to playing with their own money, by doing this you will also be earning a set amount of standard casino comp or loyalty points for each and every real money wager you make, then these comp points will accumulate in you casino comp club account and you will be free to swap them for cash or chips when you have been able to reach certain thresholds, many online casino have multi tiered casino comp clubs which lets you increase the value of the redemption of your comp points the higher you rise up to in their comp club, so maybe you should stick to playing with your own money safe in the knowledge you can play any game when you want and cash out whenever you choose.

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