Captain Cooks Casino

Ahoy Matey! We’re off to Captain Cooks Casino Ontario Turn up your speakers, or adjust your headphones to experience the excitement and sounds of a real casino! With just a $5  minimum deposit bonus to get you started, this is the one boat you won’t want to miss

NOTE : Bonus offers not available to Ontario players due to regulations.

A. lot of the same games the Zodiac Casino have can be played at Captain Cooks Casino and the look and feel is pretty similar to the Grand Mondial as well. It’s not immediately apparent how many new games the casino has available, but there are dozens of them!

The Options menu on the main screen allows you to check for upgrades, set up additional games, enhance the sounds and other cool tricks.

Captain Cooks Online Casino Ontario
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This is a great software package and I’d use it whether I was using real money to gamble or whether I just wanted to try out a new gambling system.

Captain Cooks Casino Review

If you have a good monitor and resolution, take advantage of it and play the casino games at your standard resolution. The games look a lot better from that view!

If you’ve read a couple of these reviews, you’ll notice that I tend to do pretty well at Roulette, so of course that was the first game I went running for. This time I tried a variation on my usual system and got cleaned out almost immediately. Good thing I was playing with the free software!

It’s wise to check out different ways of doing things in the free trial mode before you play for real. I found out that you can easily request additional chips with just a click of a button. It was such a piece of cake, I got another $1,000 and back in I went.

There are a bunch of cool video poker games. Try Joker Poker where the Jokers are wild, or Deuces Wild (need I explain?). All have the Double feature, which can be enabled or disabled as you choose. I seemed to hit the double frequently – maybe the reason I like it so much ?

After playing video poker for a while, I tried my luck at the Craps table, which has all the usual bets and an easy to use online help system. Even if you’ve never played Craps before, I highly recommend you download this easy-to-use package. It’s free, it’ll help you get started playing and it allows you to play for fun for as long as you like. You might even decide to get a book on Craps and practice with this until you get used to it.

Cyberstud Poker is fun and is actually a lot like the Caribbean Poker game at Jackpot Palace Casino. It’s like poker without a draw, and the payout is based on BOTH whether you win AND what your hand is. It’s almost a combination of video and regular poker.

The straights pay out 6 to 1, so my $30 bet saw me walk away with a pretty good chunk of change. There’s no Doubling feature on this game though and I guess that this is reserved for the straight video poker games.

Talk about choices! There are a lot of slot machines available, at a range from $.25 up to $5 per pull. Choose from progressive slots (for those of us playing for actual money), regular slots for the real players or those playing just for fun. The progressive slots are fabulous, as there’s always the chance you could win big money with one pull of the handle. Or click of the mouse, as it were ?

To sum it up, this is a great casino and after I got the video mode adjusted, the games looked fantastic. It took a little while for the games to download, but you don’t have to download all of them if you don’t want to. It’s easy to play, and the online help files are easy to follow.

If you take advantage of the free money Captain Cook leaves for you when you open an account, you should easily walk away with more than you brought in. Good luck!

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