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Many players prefer online gambling because by playing free slots they can bet and win real money. Quite often you can find offers to play free online slots. What is the meaning of the game for free? Will such a gameplay bring a real pleasure to the player? Is it interesting to play online slots free? We will try to answer all these questions below.

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How to play free slots online?

Despite the fact that online casinos offer to place bets for real money, some gambling sites make it possible to play online slots free. All you need is to find such a website, select your favorite game and run it in demo mode.

You can test the gameplay by playing free online slots, win real money after registering on the website and making a deposit.

How to find online casino with free slots online offered?

You can simply surf the Internet and view the game collections while looking for demo-play games. If you want to find a particular game by name, you can enter a search query with something like this – “free casino slots where’s the gold”. By the way, this is a very interesting game with bright graphics, interesting plot and fun gameplay.

We assume that after testing the game, you will want to place real bets. Therefore, you need a responsible approach to choosing websites:

  • Make sure that the casino is fully licensed.
  • Browse the casino game collection. The selected casino should be powered by the best gaming providers.
  • Make sure that you can play free casino slots (the ‘demo mode’ option).
  • Examine reviews of real players published by reputable sources.

Some gameplay features of free online slots

Despite the fact that playing slots online free you will not bet on real money, some websites require you to register before getting access to the demo mode. This is necessary because you will most likely decide to make a deposit in the near future.

You can use all the features of online slots:

  • Choose a coin value for betting;
  • Choose the number of game lines;
  • Experiment with betting ranges for the game round;
  • Find out how often bonus features are offered, for example, free spins;
  • Try auto play mode, etc.

You can get the necessary knowledge about each model, get an invaluable experience if you are a newbie.

Types of slots online available to play for free

You will be offered the following options:

  • Classic slots (slots), which are a digital copy of old slot machines.
  • New video slots with various functions (special symbols, bonus rounds, themed mini-games, a large number of paylines, etc.).
  • Some other games, such as Video Poker, Blackjack or Roulette.


They say that knowledge is power, and this is very true for slot machine players, using insider knowledge or you own experience can and does help you gain an playing advantage. We have compiled this in-depth report on slot playing tips and hints to give you a little more insight on how you can improve your online slot play at online casinos.

To begin with it is important to understand that not all slot machines are created equal, players look for and demand different qualities from slot machines and these can be anything from ease of play, the top prize value or even the number of free spins the game will give once a bonus feature has triggered.

Slot Machine Payout Percentages

Each slot machine is set to payout a certain payout percentage, this varies from machine to machine and it is the layout and number of symbols on each real that will determine the expected payback.

This is simple maths based on the reels having a random chance of stopping anywhere. In basic terms if a slot machine had just one reel with 10 symbols of which 7 were winning symbols you would be expect to win 7 out of every 10 spins, and that machine would be expected to hit a payout percentage of 70%.

With most of the latest video slot machines having 5 reels and 30, 40 or even 50 symbols per reel with additional bonus features simply learning the reel symbol layouts won’t help you gain an advantage.

It will on the new breed of AWP or “Pub Fruity” type online slots that Microgaming have started to produce. Knowing what symbols are where will help greatly (once you hit a nudge feature) as you will know what symbol is in reach even if it is out of view.


Video slots can be great fun and the main attraction of these slot machines is that once you manage to hit the bonus feature they can result in a big win, the most popular bonus feature is the free spins round, this is where you are awarded a preset number of free spins with all wins being multiplied by x amount.

An informed slot player wishing to stand a chance of hitting these free spin bonus rounds knows that you are more likely to be awarded them on certain slots over another. This is based on the number of trigger symbols on each machines reels.

The following 5 Microgaming video slots we shall use as an example, Thunderstruck, Moonshine, Loaded, Ladies Night and Twister. The chances of hitting the free spin bonus round is as follows:

Thunderstruck Slot 1 in 124
Moonshine 1 in 75
Loaded Slot 1 in 93
Ladies Night Slot 1 in 124
Twister Slot 1 in 80

So there you have it if you want to receive the most free spin bonus features your game of choice would be Microgamings Moonshine slot.

Forcing The Jackpot

There has been a lot of discussion mainly amongst UK slot machine players with the main topic of conversation being is it possible to force the jackpot on online slots. AWP (Amusement With Prizes) machines in the UK can be forced into paying out the top prize, and you do this by gambling every win you receive.

These gamble features either result in you winning or losing on a double or nothing basis, an the logic behind it is you will eventually win the jackpot by virtue of the slot machine having to pay its jackpot out to ensure it maintains its payback percentage that by law it must achieve.

This can be a risky proposition however as you never really know if the machine has already paid out the jackpot recently to a previous player, so to play this system online could be tempting fate.

Slots Machines

Online Slots vs Slots Machines
Most online casinos tend to shy away from publishing or making known the expected payout percentages of each particular slot. This is however not true of Rival who supply some 10 online casinos with the software needed to run their respective casinos.

So our next tip is for you to consult the help file on any particular slot machine you are wishing to play and review just how high or low this figure is, you maybe surprised at the results.

For example the Future Fortune slot which is a 5 reeled 20 payline slot plays very similar to the 5 Reel Circus Slot, the former pays out 99% and the latter 88%!

So as you can see you are just throwing your money away by playing the 5 Reel Circus, so always make sure you know the difference in paybacks or it could cost you dearly.

Only Play With A Casino Bonus

The savvy slot player know the best tip or hint to playing slots online is to play them with a casino bonus given to you either as a new player or by way of a monthly match bonus.

Sure you are going to be forced to play through your bonus and/or deposit amount a certain number of times before you are permitted to make a cash-in, but by taking a bonus you will by starting with a much bigger bankroll, and as such you stand a greater chance of hitting a big win, that will still have you in profit even after you meet the terms and conditions attached to that bonus.

New Online Slots

Do New Slots Payout More?

This question has perplexed online slot players for years, with most coming to the conclusion that yes the software providers tend to set all new slots to payout more for a short time after their release. They use Michael A as an example as he won an whopping $205,625 playing the Mad Hatters Slot with-in days of Microgaming releasing it.

To do so would mean the software company would have to adjust the reel layout but it will always be down to speculation and here say unless they tell you otherwise!

Landbased slots especially in the UK and Europe have been found to payout more when they are first launched, and the reason for this is that they are set to payback a certain percentage and by paying out large amounts in the first day or two of operation the machine can then have an aiming percentage to work from.

This is perfectly legitimate and conversely some new slots will take and take then drop a few jackpots using the opposite logic i.e. work to a very low payout percentage then get the pre-determined payback in one volatile session.

Best paying Online Slots

To help you track down the best paying online slots we have scoured the net to bring you the most factual and up to date statistics regarding all the leading casino software companies slot machines.

Use this information wisely to enable you to play the better paying slots and help you avoid the lower paying ones.

We have also included in this guide of the best paying online slots a definitive listing of those machines whose jackpots reach the biggest amounts and frequency that they hit, this will hopefully ensure you are armed with as much information as possible to help you make an informed choice of which slots to play.

Best Rewarding casino site : Casino Share review and video of the new tombraider video slot game.

Microgamings Best Paying Online Slots

The one major benefit of using a Microgaming powered online casino is you have over 200 slot machines to choose from, and with such choice comes value.

The most popular and best paying slots in their progressive range of games include Mega Moolah, this slot was launched in a blaze of glory due to the fact that players can win, totally at random one of four progressive jackpots.

The Mini being the lowest in value and this typically pays around $10, the Minor is usually worth around $100 when hit, the Major which hits in the 10,000 to 30,000 range and then there is the Mega, this big boy has recently paid out a jackpot of $5.5 Million at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

The best paying online slot in the Microgaming range by virtue of the number of winners has to be the Cash Splash Slot which was the worlds very first progressive slot linked to all Microgaming powered casinos.

More people have won progressive jackpots at Microgaming sites than any other, and they have paid out over $225 Million to more than 6000 jackpot winners, with this number rising almost daily.

Best Paying Online Slots From Rival

Rival powered online casinos are few in number but as one of the newer entrants into the world of online casino software they have ensured that their range of games are both imaginative and comparable to other vendors best paying slots. The only way they could achieve that is by making sure they have some of the highest payout percentages.

Not all their slots however can be described as best paying, there are some in the high 80% payout range, but the majority are in the high 90’s. The slot machine that stands out from the crowd is their Future Fortunes that returns an amazing 99% payout.

In terms of paybacks you won’t find a better slot than that, plus with the addition of casino comps this can become one of the best paying online slots of all, so make sure you lookout for it.

Best Paying Online Slots Jackpot

New slots are released each month by most casino software providers and every now and then one is launched that can proudly boast to have by virtue of its top prize the best paying online slots jackpot amount.

The current slot machine to be able to make this bold claim has to be Microgamings Cash-a-Pillar slot. This is the first of their new generation of machines that offer “stacked wilds” and players may choose to play upto 100 lines per spin.

With so many pay-lines and the ability via the stacked wilds to have, in one spin, all lines potentially becoming winning ones players can win upto 6 million coins, you will be hard pressed to find a better paying online video slot than that!

Free Spin Slots

Best Paying Free-Spin Slots

Now if you are looking for best paying online slots that have the free-spin bonus feature then you are quite frankly spoilt for choice.

There are literally dozens available, most it has to be said are clones meaning the number of free-spins awarded and the win multipliers awarded are the same, however some stand out from the crowd by being unique whilst at the same time offering a potentially large jackpot win.

The Sneaky Peek range from Microgaming offers players two games the Doctor Doctor slot and the Hunky Heros slot, once you trigger the free-spin bonus round you have the potential to continue to add to the number of free-spins should you get a pill symbol on the fifth reel, additionally you can also add to the win multiplier should you get a pill symbol on reel 4.

These additional boosters enable a maximum win multiplier capped at x10 per spin, similarly the free-spins will only run out should you fail to continue to hit the fifth reel pill symbol.

Best Paying Online Slots Bonus

There is one surefire way to increase the possibility of winning during an online slot session and that is to utilize a casino bonus. All online casinos will offer new players one or more bonuses upon you making a real money deposit and the majority of these bonuses can be used freely on any of their slot machines.

With the standard bonus being a 100% match type bonus then this gives you immediately a head start and a much bigger bankroll. By playing only those online slots you know return a bigger payback percentage you stand a much better chance of coming out ahead.

You will of course be tied into churning over your deposit and/or deposit amount x number of times, but with a good winning streak and a sensible stake level per spin it is possible to increase your chance of making that session pay.

Slot Machine Strategy

We have hopefully helped enlighten you in your quest to find the best paying online slots, all that remains for us to do is give you a quick check strategy guide to enable you to get the maximum value out of all your online slot sessions.

1. Check the payout percentages of your slots and only play those in the very high 90% range.

2. Consider using a casino bonus to extend your session and increase your bankroll

3. Find an online casino that offers casino comps on all your real money slot action, these can and do quickly add up and allows you to swap the comp points for cash.

Have a good look around our website as all casinos listed here provide an excellent range of slots and you are free to take advantage of their new player sign-up bonuses. Good Luck!

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