High Limit Slots

There are plenty of slot players who look for a very high risk, high reward type of gaming session, and this is of course exactly what you will be getting if you opt to play high limit slots.

high limit slots

They do of course come in many different categories and as such we shall now take a look at some of these.

High Limit Slot Games

It is worth pointing out that high limit slot games tend, in general to boast some of the best payout percentages of any slot game, and as such you will find them offering excellent pay backs, however due to the nature of these slots you will need a substantial bankroll if you wish to play them for any length of time.

Low Variance High Limit Slots

A low variance type of high limit slot is one which will give you some fairly long playing sessions due to the way in which the slot has been designed, they are developed to spin in lots of low valued winning combinations, with the chance of winning a much larger jackpot.

When you play these slots you will notice a lot of them are three reel slot games, and they are fairly easy to spot as obviously the stake and coin values can be set very high and the pay table will have lots of low valued winning combinations listed on them.

Mid Variance High Limit Slots

The mid variance type of high limit slot games are probably the more commonly found type of slots that most online and land based casinos have on offer, these are usually presented as bonus video slots and can be a lot of fun to play.

Being bonus video slot games then you will not only have a plethora of different optional paylines on offer, but due to them being high rolling slots you will be able to set a large number of coins into play on each payline activated, and it goes without saying that the actual coin values can be set very high.

These slots can give players the best playing sessions as the bonus games will keep them entertained whilst at the same time when they trigger some fairly decent winning payout can be won.

High Variance High Limit Slots

For the ultimate thrill when you are a high rolling slot players then it will be the high variance slot games you will be looking to play, these games however can decimate your bankroll if they are not in a payout out mood!

They have been designed to spin in very few small valued winning combinations, but instead you have the chance to win some mega sized winning payouts, however these are very few and far between!

These types of high limits slot are usually three reel slot games which come with some form of special wild multiplier, when this symbol spins in alongside matching reels symbols then they boost the payouts of the standard winning payouts.

Hints and Tips for Playing High Limit Slots

There are a few little hints and playing tips we can give you should you be looking to play high limit slot games online, and these can often help you lock in plenty of extra playing value.

The first thing you should ensure that you do well in advance of you playing any high limit slot games is to make sure that you have a membership of the casino sites comp club program, as by doing this you will be accumulating valuable comp points based on your total wagered amount during all of your real money high limit slot playing.

Also keep you eyes peeled for any new player high rolling slot bonuses, if you are prepared to deposit large amounts and play for large stake levels then you will find many online casino will bend over backwards to accommodate you and as such some truly massive bonuses will be on offer to you, so do shop around.

You are only going to get decent winning opportunities when you play fair and certified slot games online, so always double check that the casino site you are thinking of playing at is fully licensed and has had all of their random number generators and slot machines fully tested.

Also you need to play only those slot games which have the highest payout percentages, as when playing low paying slots for very high stakes you will find your bankroll vanishing very quickly.

So go through the slot game selection in full detail to ensure you make a list of the top paying games and rigidly stick to play only those slots. Also avoid playing high limit slot games that have recently paid out as these are very unlikely to payout any time soon!

We have several top rated online casinos that are presented to you around our website, we would recommend you stick to play at these sites as they are some of the best online casinos in the industry and as such you will never have any problems getting paid your winnings from any of them, more so if as a high rolling slot player you cash out a very large amount of winnings!

You can of course play some slot games which boast mega sized jackpots as a low rolling slot player, and these types of slots are the progressive slot games, there are certainly no shortages of these kinds of slot games online and they come as both 3 reel slots as well as bonus video slots.

So should you fancy winning like a high rolling high stake slot player but without the risk then make sure you play progressive slot games online and that is how you will be able to do just that!

If you do get stuck into playing at any of our feature high limit slot sites then allow us to wish you the very best of luck, always gamble within your means and enjoy your online slot playing sessions!

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